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Woke up yesterday from a dream that I was buying a house that had once been a church. It wasn't huge - perhaps 40 feet in its longest dimension - but it had a transept.

I was there with a realtor. Oddly, we entered from the east; the main doors had been removed and the wall re-framed and plastered at some point. Above the absent doors was (again strangely) the building's only stained glass. Heavy timber beams stained a dark brown that was almost black were visible in all the walls. The walls themselves looked as though they had been whitewashed many, many times, but never painted. The floor had been redone in slate-colored stone tiles.

The southern portion of the transept had been turned into a bedroom, and a large fireplace added on the diagonal in its southeast corner. The fireplace had an extensive facing of glazed yellow-earth tile. The bedroom and most of the building were flooded with morning light from numerous huge windows.

The northern area was walled off and included the kitchen, pantry, and bathroom, none of which I saw in my dream.

Despite the architectural anomalies, this was one of the more lucid dreams I have remembered lately. I don't know that I'm actually looking for an interpretation; I just really liked the space and thought that writing this down would help me hang onto the memory.

I woke with a headache, but eventually got myself together enough to read a few chapters, work out, join a conference call, get royally perturbed by a piece of e-mail from work, play the guitar, visit with a good friend, do a little cleaning, build a horribly ugly and inappropriate Y to x flow-down and compose an e-mail to go with it that I won't send (don't ask), enjoy a lovely spaghetti dinner with some fabulous basil french bread (from A Toast to Bread) and some mediocre but adequate Spanish red wine, and fall into bed in time to get 9 hours of sleep. (I feel like there was more - where did the day go?)

Last night's dreams were unprintable. ;)

Today, I have been lazy. After reclaiming an overgrown thicket, playing outside with the cat, harvesting all the onions, receiving and/or making a dozen phone calls to/from Gypsy, and signing up for SparkPeople (thank you, [livejournal.com profile] pegkerr), all I have done is surf. I will eventually get to cleaning the bathroom, playing the guitar, and seeing friends. In fact, I believe that "eventually" begins now.

My thought for the day: most rational arguments occur because the principals disagree about either the end or the means. If you think that you agree about the end (e.g. "we'll make the client happy"), but have not clearly and explicitly defined it (who exactly is the client? how can we measure his happiness? how much happier does he have to be than he is today? when?), you'd better examine your assumptions now or you are unlikely ever to agree on means.

To those who refuse to understand business-speak, just try substituting "we'll provide every child in the U.S. with a good education."


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