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Dec. 6th, 2007 09:48 pm
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I've just had another lovely day.

I slept in this morning, simply because I could, then walked to work with Mum. I notice that in this moderately chilly weather I don't have time to get cold at all. I go from warm-because-I'm-inside to warm-because-I'm-walking. It's great.

I had cleared my calendar today, so I was able to get a ton of work done. This always feels good.

The last couple of days I've developed terrible headaches in the late afternoon that won't let me work. These persist for a couple of hours and then go away in the evening. I definitely need more sleep than I've been getting (due to my own foolish enjoyment of staying up way too late); maybe fixing that will prevent more headaches as well. Everyone around me seems to have a cold, and I keep going back and forth between feeling like I'm getting one and feeling lucky not to be getting one.

Anyway, sick or not, chicken soup sounded wonderful to me tonight. So I picked up the fixings at the market on the way home (chicken legs are an incredible bargain!). I went a few blocks out of my way to stop at Dreamhaven and pick up a copy of "The Golden Compass." I'll be seeing the movie on Tuesday and I want to read the book first, 'cause I'm like that.

Got home and tossed the chicken in a pot along with onions, garlic, celery, you know. And then Ed came by and looked at my chairs. We ended up touring my house and gabbing for an hour about repairs and perfectionism and how they really don't make things like they used to. What a fine fellow!

After he left I fished the bones and stuff out of the pot, tossed in some carrots, celery, and noodles, and made a phone call. When everything had simmered enough I started dishing myself a bowl. I was obviously distracted, because I found myself thinking, "Wow! Somebody really likes me - they made me chicken noodle soup from scratch!" It took me a millisecond to realize that the "somebody" was me. In a way, that made the whole thing even cooler. It also made me think of Keb' Mo'.

Now it's time to take out the trash and recycling and then off to bed. May also have cocoa.

Good night!

tesla: Wedding photo: Eric and Tesla in Millenium Park on their wedding day (Default)
Would anyone be willing to recommend a restorer of antique furniture in Minneapolis? I have several dining room chairs in varying states of disrepair that I'd like to make usable again.



tesla: Wedding photo: Eric and Tesla in Millenium Park on their wedding day (Default)
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