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I was so pleased to be able to walk to work today, after a couple weeks' hiatus. It's not nearly so cold and horrible out there as it recently was. I had foolishly left my flat boots at work, so ended up walking in my heels. This might have been a problem, but when I had them resoled recently, my shoe guy put the most wonderful studded heels and soles onto them.

I like my shoe guy (are they still called cobblers?) but find it hard to recommend him to anyone by virtue of the fact that I have never heard his name clearly enough to be able to pronounce it. Nor do I know the name of his shop; it's just a little storefront with a bunch of boots in the window. I suppose my footwear choices are financing Slavic terrorist cells. Shame, that.

I noticed earlier today that my stapler is 2/3 evil: it has the number 444 stamped into its base.

I love the fact that my co-workers drop in to see me all the time; it's so very nice to feel needed. I wonder, though, whether they realize that I'm a more pleasant individual when my blood sugar is above zero. Today I began eating my lunch at 12:15 and finished (two meetings and a dozen brief conversations later) at 4:15.

Time to hit the road. Hope everyone has had a pleasant day!

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tesla: Wedding photo: Eric and Tesla in Millenium Park on their wedding day (Default)
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