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(I missed "month six" mostly because we were in Minneapolis. I've been trying to write since then, but it just hasn't been working.)

I really can't believe how much Kai has matured. He's gotten bigger, of course. And he has an increasingly full head of hair (which will want trimming before long, not that I know what to do about *that*). His facial expressions are much more varied and nuanced, as are his sounds.  But the part that perpetually amazes me is his physicality.

He went from combat-crawling backward to combat-crawling forward while we were at his grandparents' house, then learned to pick up his belly, and has now coordinated the motions of his arms and legs so that he can zip across a room in seconds.  I was intending to put soft stuff on the corners of a few tables to protect his head, but he's already lurching around much less than before and so that probably won't be necessary until he's walking - which might be imminent at this rate.  He has been pulling up to standing since a few days after we got back here, and can now do it quite expertly.  He cruises along the sofa and I usually set up a foam "wedge" pillow at a right angle to the end of the sofa, enabling his hilarious new trick: he stands behind this and "drives" it around the room, by means of a pelvic bump.  It's kind of like a walker, only dramatically less efficient due to the huge amounts of friction between it and the carpet - I'm looking forward to the day when his real walker arrives (thank you, Mum!).

This morning he found the wine rack and pulled himself up on it, then jingled the glasses for quite a while. That was wonderfully amusing, but we can't really encourage it, because we're just one overly enthusiastic jingle away from broken wineglasses all over the floor.  I'll have to put the glasses on a shelf for the time being.

He rolls all over the place, all the time, too. Of course he tries to do so when we're changing his diapers, which can be quite comedic.  Unfortunately, he has also taken to doing this at night - this wouldn't be a problem except that he hasn't yet figured out how to fall back to sleep afterward. I can tell that he's making progress; a couple of times last night all it took was a gentle hand laid on his back and he went to sleep.  Complicating matters is that we're trying to transition him to a crib after having him in the cosleeper all this time.  He would, of course, rather sleep with us in our bed.

I picked up a few albums of children's music: "Songs for Wiggleworms" and "Wiggleworms Love You" are both quite musical.  I checked a few more out of the library.  And Kai LOVES music.  I did bring him to a Kindermusik class last week, and I liked the idea behind it (a dozen babies & parents gather weekly to sing and move to songs), but I was really disappointed by the "music" involved.  So I'll look into other such classes.  Meanwhile, we both sing to him every day, and sometimes play guitar as well, so that's something.  I just think it would be neat to do it in the company of other kids. Maybe I'll set something up with the parents' group.  I could lead something like that if Eric could participate with Kai.  Or maybe I'll refrain from taking on another commitment right now. :)

Kai has now tried a variety of foods, and doesn't seem as excited by them as he did at first.  He seems to like everything that's mixed with breastmilk or is sufficiently fatty by itself (avocado), but not be as crazy about other stuff with one notable exception: I got him some rice crackers and he ADORES them - mostly, I think, because he gets to feed himself!

We have added some blocks and stacking toys to his collection, and he seems to really be enjoying them.  Of course he's not stacking or sorting them himself yet, but he really enjoys disassembling them and knocking them over when someone else has set them up.  He seems to especially love his cone sorter.

He also loves playing in the bath.  We hadn't been bathing him every day - how dirty does an infant get? But now that he's eating and crawling, I've been immersing him more frequently and giving him a couple of plastic cups to play with while I sponge him off.  He has discovered splashing, which is loads of fun.  And then yesterday I let him sit in the bathroom sink.  He pulled on the tap and, remarkably, water came out!  (He chose the cold water tap, but even if he hadn't I would have had lots of time to react; it takes practically forever for hot water to reach us up here on the third floor.)

I've been interrupted several dozen times trying to write this, so forgive me if it's impossible to read.  It certainly doesn't include everything that I intended to put in.  I really prefer to write stuff here, but that's mostly because something something cohesive whatever.  I don't think I'll be back here; I'm just going to post one-sentence tidbits on the things that I have a usable phone interface for: facebook and google plus.

Also, we're going to be renting a house.  There are photos on google plus.


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