Oct. 12th, 2007 10:52 pm
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Once upon a time I wondered what it was in color-safe bleach that made it "bleach." I played around and figured out that the active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide - the same stuff you put on small wounds to "clean" them. Judging by the scent, consistency, and color of the color-safe bleach I had been using (Chlorox), other ingredients included perfumes, thickening agents, and bluing*.

"Aha," says I, "why shouldn't I just go buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide for 79 cents and use it on my laundry instead of spending $6.50 on this bottle of color-safe bleach?"

So I did. Turns out that it works perfectly well. I use about half as much of it as I would of the "bleach," add a drop of bluing if I'm doing whites, and spend about 1/5 as much money, not to mention saving about half the packaging and countless mystery chemicals**.

Better still, of course, would be doing without it entirely. But I prefer getting the spots out of my clothes.

*Bluing, if you're not familiar with it, is a semi-permanent blue dye that has been used for decades to make white fabrics appear whiter. Whites naturally yellow with age, but adding just a little bluing to them counteracts that effect to some degree. Usually it is sold as a liquid and usage directions involve adding a drop or two to a load of laundry. It's also the reason we have blue-haired little old ladies.

**And am I the only one who hates the fact that household cleaners are rarely labeled with their ingredients? A few of the "natural" products label voluntarily, but it's definitely the exception rather than the rule.

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I love spring. I love getting my energy back and feeling driven to get things done, even if they're not very big things.

Lots o' boring stuff about tools and shelving )

I am baffled by one thing: where do all those Allen wrenches come from? I sorted through over 200 of them yesterday. 22 I bought for myself - a metric and a standard set. I could believe that I inherited maybe 30 from Sean. I have certainly acquired plenty with my "some assembly required" furniture and bike accessories - maybe 40 at the outside. So that's almost 100 of them - what about the other hundred? Has steel taken up sexual reproduction? Spontaneous generation? Do all of those lost ballpoint pens metamorphose into Allen wrenches (the barrel shape *is* suggestive)?


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