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We had an incredibly productive couple of days digging things up, cutting things down, and chopping things apart, followed by a little bit of planting (3 rhubarb crowns).  Eric was mighty, and persistent enough to rid us of a few tree stumps that had taken up residence in the chainlink fence several years ago, not to mention a huge hunk of concrete formerly used as a fencepost anchor.  I found a circa 1900 silver teaspoon and a badly corroded pliers.

We agree on our hatred of chainlink fence, but we'll keep it for a this year, at least - it makes a perfectly good trellis for climbing crops, and I've placed the garden up against the fence with that in mind.

The Karens were right - the cucumbers are already  flowering, darn it.  I think it's time for coldframes & bees.

We did have a visit from a honeybee yesterday.  I told him that he was a little early, but there would be wonderful things here for him before too long.

It's also time for me to take soil samples for lead testing - right after lunch.  Results will determine whether I do raised beds; I'm hoping it won't be necessary.

It will be a struggle to keep writing here as the weather gets nicer.  If previous years are any indication I'll be tempted to turn my computer off in May, and back on again in November.


tesla: Wedding photo: Eric and Tesla in Millenium Park on their wedding day (Default)
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