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Perseverance has paid off! A couple of rosemary sprouts are up.

Because the rosemary and oregano were right in the middle of the tray that got too hot (and because I love them both), I have planted more of each.

I transferred the survivors from the 128-cell tray to a new 72-cell. I see two problems with the 128-cell tray: it's really hard to water each cell selectively, meaning that some cells are soaked while others are barely moist enough; and the cells are just too small to allow things to get a decent foothold. I'll keep the tray, but may not decide to use it again - especially not if I'm planting this early.

A couple of the tomatoes are looking just a bit wilty at the top, so I have moved them off the heat mat and (from the HPS) to the fluorescent fixture. This is very convenient, as it allows me to put the smaller guys (including the newly sown ones) on said heat mat. To compensate for the taller seedlings, I raised the fluorescent fixture - I didn't get a measurement tonight, will have to do so tomorrow. I raised the tray of little guys by setting it atop a spare tray that I had overturned and putting the heat mat between the trays.

I hope the wiltiness is nothing serious; will have to do some research. I've allowed the soil to go dry between waterings, but may still be overwatering a touch, so I'll back off for a bit. I don't think they're damping off; their stalks look fantastic, and I did use a sterile potting mix. I could stand to thin a couple of the cells, and it's almost time to fertilize again.

On a lighter note, I think someone's messing with me: I've had a couple of "accidentals" pop up. Nothing shocking, but the way in which it's happening is most amusing. The catnip sprouted broccoli and the borage got cucumber - in other words, everything is a lookalike to the inhabitants of the cell it's showing up in. I'd think it was a practical joke, if only Eric had known which sprouts would look alike while he was planting.

Saw Nicole on Friday and she was telling me how wonderful ground cherries are. So now I'm really looking forward to getting to know them, plus I know to whom I can contribute one of the seedlings.

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